Odisha State Scholarship Portal

Conditions of Award of Scholarship:
  • 1. Any student belonging to ST, SC, OBC/SEBC, EBC category applying for Post-Matric Scholarship Schemes are hereby required to furnish proof of possession of Aadhaar or undergo Aadhaar authentication. Therefore, please provide correct Aadhaar number of self in the Online Application Form. In case it is found that Aadhaar number provided by the student is wrong or is not his/her, the application is liable to be rejected.
  • 2. Student who after passing one stage of education is studying in the same stage of education in different subject i.e. I. Sc. after I.A. or B.Com after B.A. in other subject will not be eligible.
  • 3. Student who completed their educational career in one professional line e.g. LLB after B.Tech/ B.Ed. will not be eligible.
  • 4. Student pursuing Post-graduation courses in Medicine will be eligible if they are not allowed to practice during the period of their course
  • 5. The Scholarship Award once made will be payable from the stage at which it is given till completion of the course subject to good conduct and attendance of 75% in every academic year.
  • 6. The Scholarship is dependent on the satisfactory progress and conduct of the scholar. If it is reported by the Head of the Institution at any time that a scholar has failed to make satisfactory progress or has been guilty of misconduct, the scholarship may be cancelled or further payments withheld for such period as considered fit by the Sanctioning Authority.
  • 7. If a student found to have obtained a scholarship by false statements, his/ her scholarship will be cancelled forthwith and the amount of scholarship paid, if any, will be recovered. The student concerned will be blacklisted and debarred for scholarship in any scheme forever.
  • 8. A scholarship awarded may be cancelled if the student changes the subject of the course of the study for which the scholarship was originally awarded or changes the Institution of study, without prior approval of the Sanctioning Authority.
  • 9. A student is liable to refund the scholarship amount if during the course of the year, the studies for which the scholarship has been awarded is discontinued by him/ her.
  • 10. Student has to be very careful while furnishing his/ her Bank Account information in the specified box of the Online Application. Any wrong entry or mismatch in case of Bank information, the student will be held responsible in case of diversion of public money on this ground.
  • I hereby agree to the followings:
  • Proceed [Out of State]