Welcome to Seed Grid

Production and Availability of Certified Seed has to be tracked under the Seed Grid Project. This work would be accomplished through Seed Grid portal in which interface is provided to Stakeholders.
Seed Grid Portal will function under the direction of Department of Agriculture.
Through this portal latest position of Seed Production, Certification and Availability would be provided by the Stake holders. It facilitates monitoring of Seed Production, Certification and Availability at various Stages.

Reports For Farmers

Objectives :
To know the progress from production of Breeder Seed to Certified Seed.
To maintain the balance between Requirement and Allotment of Breeder Seed
To ensure the availability of Certified Seed in future
To provide Analytical Information that will help in making strategic Decision.

Stakeholders :
M.P. State Seed Certification Agency
Seeds co-operative Societies and Beej Mahasangh
M.P. State Seed and Farm Development Corporation
Department of Farmers Welfare and Agriculture Development
Both Universities of Agriculture of Madhya Pradesh
M.P.R.L.P. , DPIP and DCCB
Other Producing Agencies